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Experienced, Strategic Drug Crimes Defense

Any drug crime conviction could result in serious penalties, including jail time, fines and a lasting criminal record. Whether you are facing charges for the first time or are a repeat offender facing either misdemeanor or felony charges, it is important to protect your rights and work with an experienced attorney you can trust to achieve results. At Law Offices of P.A. Hotchkiss & Associates, we offer supportive, strategic advocacy focused on the rights and interests of our clients. Our legal team will take a comprehensive approach while representing you throughout negotiations and trial.

Fourth Amendment Search And Seizure Laws

Most drug-related cases will turn on the prosecutions’ ability to provide evidence of drug possession or distribution. Usually, evidence includes either paraphernalia, cash or a monetary exchange or the physical evidence of drugs on a person, in a vehicle or in the home of the defendant. When officers search your person, car or home, they must follow strict procedures to prevent the violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. Our attorneys are experienced in the investigation of drug crimes cases and can determine whether arresting officers acted illegally. In the event that your rights were violated, we will work hard to suppress the evidence to defeat your charges.

We are experienced in the defense of drug crimes in cases involving:

  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Narcotics and controlled substances
  • Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana, cocaine, heroin
  • Ecstasy and other club drugs

Defense Of Drug Crimes Focused On Your Future And Your Rights

At our law firm, we know the serious consequences of a drug conviction. We also understand that our clients are not always familiar with the criminal law system or the severity of a drug charge. At every stage, we will remain available to answer your questions, address your concerns and treat you with respect. When you hire us for your defense, we work diligently for you to achieve the best possible outcome. Through strategic negotiations or aggressive courtroom defense, you can trust in the ability and commitment of the attorneys at the Law Offices of P.A. Hotchkiss & Associates to defend you and your case.

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