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Wills And Powers Of Attorney In Maryland

Preparing yourself, your estate, and your family for the future is an important aspect of aging. Though many individuals are uncomfortable when facing their own mortality, it is essential that you take the steps necessary in protecting your family, wishes, assets and legacy for future generations.

At Law Offices of P.A. Hotchkiss & Associates, our lawyers strive to help clients understand the many aspects of planning, including the establishment of a living will or powers of attorney. We also take the time to tailor our representation to suit your individual wishes and needs.

The Last Will and Testament

Your last will and testament is the document that directs the distribution of your assets upon your death. If you have minor children your last will and testament allows you to direct who should be guardian of your children and how the assets you leave for your children should be handled and protected. It also allows you to choose who you want to be your executor to make sure the person you trust is named to carry out your wishes.

A Living Will

If you reside in the state of Maryland and do not want to be maintained on life support after it is determined that death is imminent you must have a living will. By creating a living will with the help of an experienced lawyer at our firm, your wishes will be honored and your life will not be artificially maintained when there is no hope of your survival. This document not only protects you and your choices but also your family at a very emotional time.

Creating A Powers of Attorney That Meets Your Needs

There are many different situations in which a power of attorney may be beneficial. There are different types of powers of attorney that could apply to different situations that you must deal with. By appointing someone you trust as your power of attorney you are protecting yourself as well as your family. It is of utmost importance that you speak to an experienced attorney at the Law Office of P.A. Hotchkiss while you are of sound mind and capable of making this important decision.

To learn more about the creation of a living will or another aspect of estate planning, contact a lawyer at our firm today by calling 301-932-7700. We can meet with you to discuss your case and determine the best way in which to proceed while keeping your best interests in mind.