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Strong And Proven Divorce Representation

At Law Offices of P.A. Hotchkiss & Associates, we provide candid and experienced counsel to persons contemplating divorce, addressing issues ranging from residency and filing requirements to matters concerning child custody and support, visitation, marital property distribution and other relevant considerations.

Grounds For Divorce In Maryland

A couple seeking a divorce in Maryland cannot simply act upon that desire with the expectation that a court will grant the divorce without some reason or justification. Maryland divorce law provides, rather, that a party seeking a divorce must establish acceptable legal grounds for the divorce to be granted. Various grounds for divorce are provided for under Maryland law, and our experienced family law attorneys can discuss them with you as they relate to your particular situation. In the event that you lack legal grounds for divorce, you might still have other options worth pursuing, which we can discuss with you. We do so in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, marked by candor and an unrelenting focus on your best interests.

Relevant Matters To Be Considered In The Event Of Divorce Or Separation

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Division of marital property
  • Use and possession of the marital home
  • Division of retirement benefits

Options For Resolving Differences

Maryland law provides that a couple that no longer seeks to live together can resolve the above-cited issues through a separation agreement, which is legally enforceable and typically addresses the same matters as provided for in a divorce decree. Alternatively, if an agreement cannot be reached, the above-cited issues may ultimately be resolved through litigation. Either way, our lawyers possess the demonstrated skills and relevant experience to optimally address and help you resolve all the issues confronting you.

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